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Chicago, IL – Agnès Clément recorded my original solo harp composition, Awakening Stillnesses, on her debut album, Dance, released by Lyon & Healy’s record label. Clément won the gold medal at the 8th USA International Harp Competition in Summer 2010. In a review of the album for Harp Column magazine, Alison Young said about Clément's interpretation of my composition,

“The string does not seem to decay or disappear, as it’s somehow buoyed by the direction of her phrasing and timing. This is most evident in the impressionistic, almost haiku-like Awakening Stillnesses by Michael Maganuco. The layering effects and textures are cinematic in Agnes’s capable hands—a questioning soundscape, a shy and hesitant unfolding of pristine beauty.”

-Alison Young, Harp Column, January/February 2014

Download Awakening Stillnesses on iTunes here

Purchase the album from Lyon & Healy at

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